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As a bride, you have dreamed of your wedding day probably since you were a little girl. Staging pretend weddings with your best friends, dreaming up the perfect wedding dress, the perfect location and of course… your prince charming. What you probably didn’t fantasize about, was the food.

However, we all know that the food served on your wedding is one of the most important factors when planning this splendid day.Fortunately, this is where Paris steps in. We have dreamed up the most amazing cuisine for over 41 years, making sure to leave you and all of your guests with full, satisfied tummies. Some of our past clients have even been daring enough to call our food: “…the food of the Gods”. Planning your wedding can be one of the most overwhelming tasks which is why we come in - like your fairy God-Mother - to make the process run as smoothly as possible. No passport needed to have us create your dream wedding!

Our most recently wedded couple was beyond happy with Paris:

"…From the very first consultation to the "big reveal" of our enchanting tent, you have helped us paint our imagination onto a very real canvas, tranforming a large spacious yard into an intimate and whimsical garden. The catering staff did an amazing job making sure our guests were well taken care of, and the chef presented dish after dish of beautiful and delicious cuisine. The food was divine, and chatter about the food has stretched out for weeks beyond the wedding day.You have made our journey a truly magical experience, and we look forward to sharing your amazing work with our friends & family.”

All our best,Dustin & Rose

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